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About Us

Discover New York! Tours was started 20 years ago by New York City native Bruce Racond.

We're never complacent; we constantly explore New York to find the latest, greatest and most fascinating locations and venues. Experience New York City like a native. We love sharing our city with you and showing you a side of New York that only saavy residents know.

Whether adults or students, our tours are customized for your group's interests be they history, culture, food, shopping, and/or entertainment. Transportation options include subway, private tour coaches, mini-buses, touring vans, sedans.



There's so much to do but here's a few suggestions:

Visit the beautiful waterfront of Brooklyn Bridge Park and ride the restored carousel

Discover the fascinating history of the Battle of Brooklyn and Washington's retreat at Brooklyn Ferry

Take the tramway to Roosevelt Island to see the Four Freedoms Park--a tribute to Franklin D. Roosevelt

Watch the dance of commuters at Grand Central Terminal and visit the food market

Browse local and farm fresh foods at the green market in Union Square

Find reasonably priced used books at the Strand and rare books at Argosy Book Store

Taste authentic Italian food and pastries on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx

The oldest Latin record store in the Bronx - Casa Amadeo

Experience the world of Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Lou Reed in the East Village

Stroll aaround the scenic Jacqueline Kennedy Onnasis Reservoir of Central Park

Visit Henry Clay Frick's mansion and collection of masterpieces at The Frick Collection>

Walk in the footsteps of Alexander Hamilton, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson on Wall Street

Art gallery hopping in Chelsea and visit the High Line

Expand your vinyl collection with new records at Rough Trade in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

See Pulitzer Prize winning Edna St. Vincent Millay's narrowest house (in New York City) at 75 1/2 Bedford Street

Feast on knishes, pickles, corned beef, lox and other ethnic foods on the Lower East Side

Learn history of the early Africans in Dutch New Amsterdam and British New York at the African Burial Ground

Shop the unique clothing and shoe boutiques in Nolita

Stroll through one of the oldest planned communities in the United States at Forest Hills Gardens, Queens


What makes Discover New York! Tours outstanding? We have a knack for creating exciting and memorable itineraries. Our tour guides are licensed, knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic and hospitable. We have many years of experience showcasing New York City. See the praise section for testimonials.

We can't wait to share New York City with you!


You don't have to believe what we say.
The following is a small selection of feedback:
We hope to add yours soon!

Just a note to let you know, again, how much I enjoyed the tour of New York City with Walt's class. Your intimate knowledge of the City with your own personal touch provided a wonderful overview of the beauty of NYC. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us on the tour and for making our travels around the city so easy and enjoyable. As a parent I truly appreciate your on-on-one interaction with each member of our group. Your passion for NYC, especially Ellis Island and the Lower East Side segment was very touching. In my previous tours of NYC, I have never had quite the personal touch you gave for the tour. Again my most sincere appreciation to you for your excellent work.

...I would just like to take a moment to express my and my families, appreciation for designating Bruce Racond as our guide during our recent tour of New York. He turned out to be a wealth of information about commonly, and not-so-commonly known facts about the city and its history. I learned more about New York in three days than I did in the three years that I lived there.
Bruce’s demeanor was very professional. His friendly attitude, patience, and his ability to answer virtually all of our questions made our experience in New York a great pleasure. Bruce is a credit to your organization.
Yours Truly,

G.R.T., D.K.T., J.M.T., I.E.
...The New York trip truly is a labor of love for everyone involved - We are immensely grateful to have our New York "connection"! Without you the trip would not be the amazing experience it is!
Your love of the city transfers to all who are fortunate enough to share this time with you (& Robert).
Your careful planning and extensive knowledge make it unforgettable and irreplaceable! We are indeed fortunate. Thanks so much for ALL you do!!
S.S., B.C. Middle Schools

Bruce (A.K.A. Big Dog),
WOW! What a trip for a SLP student to NYC! We are all home safely. We are all a little tired, but we all have fond memories of our trip.
Thanks so much to you and your team for planning and executing a wonderful trip for our students.
You are well organized, flexible, thoughtful + very kind.
Warm Regards,
M.B. representing S.L.P. / sponsored by G.S. Corporation

Dear Bruce,
I just wanted to write you a brief note to say Thank You for being so good to us while we were in New York. Thank to you no one got lost or hit by a car-that is a feat in itself. I cannot tell you how much I love the city and I was fascinated by all its history (especially that story about the woman that jumped off the Empire State building--and lived-WOW!)
Bruce you made the trip fun. You are the reason we actually enjoyed walking in the cold rain, because you were constantly rattling off little known facts about the stuff we passed along the way. I am amazed that your brain can hold all that information, and still have room for your own name.
You live in such a wonderful place and I really hope I can get backup up there soon. It's hard to slow down to the pace here, after being in New York-I think Mississippi would actually kill you, because there is no way you would ever be able to fill your day. But the next time you decide to drive to Tupelo, you could drop by to say "hey"-We all love you so-
Thank you again for all your hospitality as we visited your home town-Bruce, if you had been any more gracious, we would have had to make you an "honorary Southerner"-
Sincerely Yours,

Well we are back in coastal Georgia and recovering from the wonderful whirlwind tour of the Big Apple. I want to again thank you for your guidance and expertise in showcasing the city to all of our group. Given the diverse background of all attendees, you did a fantastic job of presenting the city in an understandable and informative format.

Personally, I would like to let you know I was very sincere in my offer to allow you to use the coast property during a visit to the area...Certainly your significant other would be welcome as well.
Best Wishes,

...My mother who I might have mentioned, is a 72 year old very well-read woman who in most cases finds a little something wrong with everything, reported nothing but GOOD...GOOD...GOOD the highest of praises for both the tour and Bruce. She found it very enjoyable and interesting and especially liked learning about some of the history of New York. My husband reported he too enjoyed everything about the tour and especially enjoyed chatting with Bruce...
M.W., Omaha, NE

To Bruce
Thank you...
You are a star in every sense of the word!
Thank you again for being the very best tour director anyone could ever ask for. I cannot tell you how much we appreciated you on our tour last week. You were just the best. Good Luck Always!!!!!

Dear Bruce
This is just a short letter to say a very big THANK YOU for making our stay in New York one we will NEVER forget!
We were fortunate to be included in the Vauxhall Bite the Big Apple trip...
We were privileged to have you as our tour guide for the organised trips...and what a BRILLIANT tour guide you are!
Not only did you give us so much information you made the whole process interesting and humorous at the same time.
We especially enjoyed the trip to Ellis Island on the Sunday, it was a very emotional experience, hearing your personal connection regarding your (very beautiful) grandmother made everything seem more real than ever.
It was such a HOT weekend but you never faltered once, a true professional.
We really wanted you to know Bruce how much we appreciated your hard work and dedication. THANKS once again for making our trip to your wonderful city such a memorable one.
We wish you every success for whatever the future brings.
Kind regards and best wishes
G. & S. B.
Berkshire, England

...On behalf of ... the District 26 staff members and myself, we want to say, "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!" You made our first Saturday school trip venture (for teachers)
an adventure. You added a very special touch and the teachers were so impressed that we had hired a tour guide just for them.
Due to your abundant knowledge of Ellis Island, the history of immigration and your excellent delivery, our tour was truly special. We thank you for sharing that with us... We hope that we will be able to work with you again.
O.G., Board of Education of the City of New York

Hi Bruce,
Judy and I wanted to take a moment and thank you for sharing two week end mornings with us. Your review of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island tours and the Museum tours and Central Park will be key activities to our President's Club. We will incorporate all of your comments and suggestions into our Program and as a result of your input our Program is at the highest level of expectation.

Bruce, you did us a big favor helping us out on the week end so we could keep on schedule and I want to make sure you know how much we appreciated your efforts. I look forward to you joining our program and I am sure we will be talking about tour details in the near future. Thank you once again.
D.D., S. Corporation
(This was for a corporate site inspection that led to a program of 110 people)

Dear Bruce,
Provided is a copy of our student newspaper. I thought you might like to see - and read - about the trip to New York!
Your patience and flexibility in ministering to the many individual desires of the group were appreciated.

Hi Bruce,
Thank you so much for sharing "Your" city with all of us Baton Rouge Travelers!
Take care,

Thank you so much for making one of my life long dreams come true. Your knowledge and personality are fantastic!
Thanks again

Thanks for making our trip a wonderful, unforgettable experience!
The N.T. Group

...I appreciate the tour once again. You and Robert are phenomenal with both the zeal and knowledge. It is a great way to end the year.

Thanks Bruce
We enjoyed your company and knowledge.
You truly did make the trip for the kids.
Best wishes to you.
E. High School

No 1 Tour Guide-
Thanks YOUR made the trip worthwhile + without your jokes and songs it would have been so ordinary.
Best Wishes
R.J. C/J Corporation

We loved our informative tour. You’re great, doubly quick to get us through as much as we got to see!!
Thanks for the enthusiastic, intelligent descriptions of life and history in The Big Apple. Much appreciated.
Thank You!
M.J., H. and G. Middle Schools

Dear Bruce-
You're the best! Thank you so much for all you did from the transportation to the great history lessons...you helped to create a very successful event and we are very appreciative.
Take Care,

...I really do not know how to thank you for all you've done for me and my students over the last fourteen years. Even though I've never worked with another guide, I feel sure others don't do what you do for their groups. You always go above and beyond what is required of you to ensure that they experience New York in a very special way. I really appreciate this because for many children the study trip is the only time they will ever visit New York. Thank you for always treating them as if they were your own children...
K.T., B.C. Middle Schools

...You’ve been a super, super guide!!
We’ve enjoyed this trip tremendously-thanks to you! You’ve made New York come alive for us. We’ll remember this trip for a long-long time. Thanks again!

...you are the best guide any group could ever even dream of finding! We aer so VERY fortunate!! S.S., B.C. Middle Schools

...Many thanks for a wonderful two days. Your knowledge of history, architecture and city life made our visit more of a great learning experience.

...Thank you for sharing New York City with us! We learned so much from your tour. Many fond memories are traveling home with us!

...Thanks for some fantastic tours. Great attitude plus knowledge...

You have been a wonderful asset to our trip! Everyone has commented on your knowledge and your ability to deliver it in an interesting way.
Thanks for making our trip special, and I hope to work with you again in the future.

Thanks for sharing your vast store of knowledge. It was awesome.

Dear Bruce,
You were our guide for a trip that M.H. coordinated for East Georgia College on Spring Break '99. I just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers especially since the events of 11 September.
My mother- who enjoyed the trip very much--past away--in August, peacefully. Even in her final days, she spoke fondly of the trip and of how kind you were. I took a picture of my Mom and Dad on Ellis Island with the twin towers in the background and now it has even more meaning for me.
I hope you are well, and just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.
...Thank you, Bruce, for caring about the children from Bulloch County and working endless hours to ensure that they have a great New York experience.
K.T., B.C. Middle Schools

...You certainly made everyone's trip to NY particularly memorable: so many of the guys have spoken to me since we got back and without exception mentioned you, your wonderful humour and enthusiasm. Thanks for everything and most particularly your kindness and friendship towards me.
I certainly do hope that our paths may cross again. It goes without saying that if you ever get over to this side of the pond again you are very welcome to come and stay with me. Only about 45 minutes from Heathrow airport - and I can assure you that I DO have a spare room!
Best Wishes
Oxon, England

......Bruce was the greatest and related well with the kids while demanding their attention. They learned a lot from him! Actually all was fantastic and great!...
D.C., K. Middle School

......Bruce Racond was very thorough and sensitive to our needs. He gave such interesting info that passersby would stop to listen to him...
M.J., H. Middle School

...I am writing this letter to compliment our tour guide, Bruce Racond. Bruce was well-educated and very knowledgeable of New York City, and played a major role in the success of our trip. He was very tolerant of the students, and had a great personality. You should be proud to have him.
J.W., California, MO

It was great! You made our trip to The Big Apple memorable and most enjoyable. For most of us it was our first trip to New York and you made it very special for us. You made it come alive.
We’ve enjoyed your company and making a new friend. You have an open invitation to come to the South. We would love to show you Elba and the Wineglass. Mind you your Elba tour might take an hour. Ya’ll come on down and we’ll feed you corn bread and collards. Then we’ll take you to the Rattlesnake Rodeo, the Peanut Festival, Possum Festival or the Armadillo Festival.
If you ever put your tour on paper, we would love to have a copy. We would really like to hear from you.
K.A.S., N.C., M.O., H.B.
Elba, AL

...Dear Bruce,
I want to thank you for all the wonderful bits of information about New York. You were the perfect guide. However do you do it? I had a great time.
P.S. if you ever come to St. Louis call.
Thanks again,
A.C., J.M.
St. Louis, MO

...I just wanted to thank you again for the tour of Brooklyn Heights and all the extra "digging" you did for us. We hope to return with more family members in the spring. We’ll be in touch. Thank you for everything.

...Despite the gloomy weather, it was a huge success-thanks in part to you and the informative and entertaining commentary you provided.
A good time was had by all.
Thank you again for everything.
T.N. from B. Company

...Thank you for a wonderful trip. You made our vacation very special and we will never forget it.
Come see us in Tennessee.

...Thank you so much for such a wonderful time in New York City. We really enjoyed the entire experience. You are an excellent tour director. I am hard to please – and you were most impressive!!

For the knowledge, for the spirit, for the love of New York City you have so graciously shared...thank you!

...You have a special way of creating memories that will last a life time. I know this to be true because every time I talk to a former student he/she always reminds me of something his/her class did or saw while in New York...I found the best guide in New York City!
K.T.L.C. Middle School

...We LOVE NYC-Thanks to you Bruce
E. & B.R.

.Thank you for sharing your vast store of knowledge. It was awesome!
...Thank you for once again planning a trip that students will remember forever. Al the "extras" you do for me an my students do not go unnoticed!
K.T.L.C. Middle School

...the mix of venues was terrific and they specifically mentioned how interesting, informative, charismatic and fabulous their tour guide was, which made their stay even more memorable!
D.R. of Australian M. Corporation
Our group from Cool, California visited you this past spring during our spring vacation. I was so impressed with your "guidance" and so inspired by your city I wanted to express my feelings in weaving. The enclosed scarf is a thank you and follows months of weaving. The pattern is an undulating twill and reminded me of the New York experience. Your patience with all of us and our kids was terrific. Your love of your city was apparent in every word. Thanks for the time you took and the great job you did...

......Without a doubt your local guide, Bruce, was sensational! Everyone loved him for his sharing of knowledge and enthusiasm for New York - nothing was a trouble for him as he came up with answers and suggestions to their many questions...
H.D., Sydney, Australia Corporate Group

...I have received the thanks of many parents which must be passed on to you. Kids went home with glowing reports about your work.
Thanks again for your effort!
Call me if you are ever in Milwaukee!

Thanks for the enthusiastic, INTELLIGENT descriptions of life + history in the Big Apple.
Much appreciated.

Thanks so much for being such a super guide—you were informative and helpful. You made our trip sincerely spectacular! Thanks again.

Student Feedback

Use the tour bus a LITTLE more (so we won't have to walk as much).
Bruce was cool. You should keep using him.

Had fun Bruce. You're a good talker

Thank you for not getting upset with me and answering all of my many dumb questions even though you said they weren't dumb. Maybe you were serious in saying they weren't dumb. You were a great tour guide by passing on all that great information to me. I really enjoyed it here in N.Y. + talking to you. I just wanted to give you a very little something to thank you for answering all my many questions.

Dear Bruce,
...I want you to know that the reason I was whining about leaving the museum was because all we did was look at the paintings. When you started to explain and discuss them, I really got to where I did not want to leave that area of the museum. Before I got to New York, Memphis (home of ELVIS) was my favorite City. However, now that I've been up there, New York takes its place. It's just so unbelievable!
... Your friend,
I Miss New York

Dear Bruce,
...With any other guide I still would of had a good time, but because of you I had a terrifically wonderful time. Bruce, because you would stop us and then tell us more about a specific event, I would just become that much more interested. Bruce, I also thought you were such a great person, because you actually seemed to care. I am so glad we had you as a guide...

.Dear Mr. Bruce,
...I would like to Thank You for being a great guide for us when we came to New York. I strongly appreciate all the places you took us to see...I hope I'll be able to go again, and now I'll know who to call if I need a tour guide. Also Thank You for letting me walk up front with you. I hope I wasn't too annoying and too talkative....

Dear Bruce,
I'd like to thank you for being a marvelous tour guide. Excluding the continuous pain in my feet, it was a great trip! Keeping all of us organized and on time must have been an extremely hard task. However, you kept us going with an amazing speed. From the Blue Man group to Macy's you kept our days full of sightseeing and possibilities. You taught me, and most of my class, so much about New York. Well, I guess what I really want to say is: I greatly enjoyed the trip!
With the most sincere THANK YOUs! E.I. the girl with long brown hair that left a green peace sign at Imagine
......Bruce was great. He told us many interesting things about the city and allowed us to choose more time in one area or do something different...
GH, D.C. High School

Mr. Bruce,
Thanks so much for an awesome tour of the "Big Apple". It was lots of fun & very informational. The next time my family is up there, I'm looking forward to the possibility of you being our guide. I learned so much on the trip & had a BLAST! I'm glad it turned out so great, because I wasn't expecting it to be very good, because I've already been there, but don't worry. You proved me wrong. I hope to see you upon returning. Thanks for the awesome tours.


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